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About Angels Guarding Youth
Angels Guarding Youth is family-owned Foster Care Agency operated in Springdale, Ohio. Since our company opened its doors we've treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch.  
Interested in being a foster parent?
Angels Guarding Youth’s purpose is to provide service for children who have been removed from their parents, by providing for them safe homes, positive environments, much love and sound teaching. 

Our goal is to meet the needs of foster children by recruiting foster caregivers who meet the requirements. It is also our duty to establish written guidelines for screening referrals and admitting children into foster care.

Services Provided

Counseling (contract)

Therapeutic, Traditional, and Medically Fragile
  • Insurance
  • Title IV-E

Transportation (foster parents and/or AGY staff will transport foster children to various appointments.)

Respite (AGY will provide trained respite providers)

Child /Educational Advocate (make visits to the foster child school, to mentor the foster child, and to document any assessment on personal needs of the foster child(ren).

Family Advocate (make visits to the foster homes, child school, and to document any assessment on personal needs of the foster care-giver and foster child(ren). To be involved in team meetings, and to give any input from the foster care-giver, school officials or foster child(ren))

Mentors (volunteer basis)

Foster Parent Board (designated foster parents meet staff member quarterly for discussions and concerns)

Court Appearances (AGY will have a representative at court hearings)

Doctor appointments (foster care-giver will provide and maintain all doctors appointments for foster child(ren)

Clothing/Shelter/Food/Basic Needs/Safe Homes


Assist with Independent Living Placement (AGY will assist County in finding teen apartment and furnishings)

Hamilton County 
Butler County 
Warren County 
Montgomery County 
Clermont County

Referral Sources for Children
  • Youth Rap (Monthly Teen Rap Session)
  • Trips for Kids (Vacation once a Year)
  • Naomi’s Place (Teen girls age 14-19 yrs. old, and meets every other Saturday, to increase self-esteem, taught etiquette, fashion etc.)
  • Field Trips (Throughout the year)
  • Youth Talent Programs (Youth put on programs)
  • Pre-Placement and Continuing Training/CPR Training
  • Special Needs Program

Special Services Provided
Children with Autism
Children with Mental Health Disorders
Children with Developmental Delays
Trauma Focus